In 2000, the Native Village of Port Lions successfully negotiated an USEPA Indian General Assistance Program (IGAP) grant, and our Environmental Department was created to strengthen and build management capacity for addressing local environmental issues.


We’ve made significant progress in many areas, including solid-waste management, recycling, scrap metal, water quality, Freon removal, oil-spill response, indoor-air quality, outdoor-air quality, and community education and outreach activities.

Oil-Spill Response

The Environmental Department has worked hard to address additional areas, such as oil-spill response. The Port Lions Oil Spill Response Team (OSRT) was formed in 2007. The Environmental Department and the City of Port Lions worked together to acquire proper training and equipment for OSRT members, and provided the team with 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certifications. The OSRT has acquired three CONEX storage containers to house the oil-containment booms, oil-absorbent cloths and personal protective gear for the team. The Environmental Department maintains a vessel for the deployment of oil-containment booms.

Community Education/Outreach

The Environmental Department issues quarterly environmental newsletters to all community and tribal members that cover activities the department has accomplished, information learned/gathered, environmental tips and future events.

Youth and Village Environmental Committees

We have developed strong working relationships with many local, state and federal partner organizations. Through our partnerships, we have strengthened our recycling program and developed many environmental-planning documents. These serve as guides to help with the protection of our environment and human health and safety. To help provide direction on achieving our goals, the Youth Environmental Committee and Village Environmental Committees were formed.

If you are interested in joining one of the above committees, please contact the Environmental Specialist.


The Environmental Department will continue to identify and plan cost-effective management for local environmental issues. We will increase our ability to facilitate a recycling program for our community and will continue to develop partnerships with other organizations and work closely with local youth to improve our education and outreach program.