Nativity of the Theotokos Orthodox Church, Port Lions
Nativity of the Theotokos Orthodox Church, Port Lions

A little history about our home

Port Lions is a community of family and friends who share an ancient history, though our village is relatively new. Port Lions was founded by displaced residents of Afognak after that village was destroyed by a tidal wave caused by the Good Friday earthquake of 1964. We brought our culture and faith with us and reminded ourselves that no matter where we live, we are together, we are strong, and we are Alutiiq.

We live a traditional, subsistence way of life but encourage progress. From business to daily life, we embrace innovations of the 21st century yet respect the values that have been handed down from one generation to the next for thousands of years. In Port Lions, everyone is respected, and neighbors help neighbors.

Our village is named after the Lions Club, which helped us relocate and build homes.

Our Tribe

The Native Village of Port Lions (NVPL), is a federally recognized tribe and was established in August of 1978 with a base roll of 225 members. Tribal membership has grown steadily and is currently over 400.

Tribal Council

The Port Lions Traditional Tribal Council is one of the village’s governing bodies. Services provided for tribal members and our community include: health, education/pre-school, child protection, Alutiiq dance, traditional arts and crafts, welfare assistance, economic development, environmental protection, transportation, family activities and recreation, senior-citizen meals, fuel services, scholarships, and burial assistance.

The goal of the Tribal Council is to promote and strengthen our members and their descendants while fostering pride and self-determination in cultural heritage and traditions; to preserve and promote the education and physical, economic and social wellbeing of Native people, family and community; to prevent and overcome racial prejudice; and to restore self-governance.

Mission Statement

To foster cultural pride, self-determination, cultural traditions and socioeconomic wellbeing for our tribal members and community

Vision Statement

To provide a healthy and economically stable community for our people

The Russel Gundersen Sr. Small Boat Harbor
The Russel Gundersen Sr. Small Boat Harbor

Community Values

  • Humor and faith
  • Strong infrastructure and resources
  • Good, strong working relationships
  • Improved local education, jobs, training programs and economic opportunities
  • Maintain good health
  • Community caring, trust and respect
  • Maintain rural status and accessibility
  • Beautiful, healthy, clean environment
  • Traditional way of life while encouraging progress
  • Pride in our culture, heritage,  history and language
  • Protect subsistence